Cute rugby pup acquires spit-roasted and splattered by a couple of oversized hunks on heat! HD

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Description: All that time spent feeling each other up out on the rugby field has clearly left Damian Boss and Jonny Kingdom in a state of heightened sexual charge – a condition made all the more intense by the copious quantities of alcohol these two hunks have clearly been consuming. Under the circumstances, therefore, poor Christian Martin doesn't ever stand a chance – the cute little twink really is like putty in their hands, and before you know it he's being manhandled by both studs and forced down onto their thick, manly ramrods. Not that Martin seems to be too upset at being used and abused, it has to be noted. In fact, the pretty, fine-featured pup looks like a pig in mud as he feasts on all that hard cock on offer. In fairness, mind, he's presented with two of the thickest, meatiest dicks on the circuit, and it's clear from early on that he's eager to get them banging away up his tight, horny ass-hole. As it happens, neither Boss or Kingdom are of a mind to let the lad leave disappointed; and before you know it the fellow is being energetically spit-roasted for all that he's worth. What follows is a sweaty escapade of man-on-man sex that sees Martin fucked for all he's worth, and which will unquestionably leave you looking for the Kleenex in appreciation. Talking of which, there's no time for tissues when these guys blow. Instead, the two hunky tops blast their copious wads of goo all over Martin's comely little face – excuse the pun! – before the well-fertilised bottom wanks out a generous spray of his own ball-batter. All in all, a terrific result from everyone concerned!
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