2 immodest-minded monks savour some sticky, sperm-fuelled sins of the flesh! HD

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Description: Celibacy is not the easiest of lifestyles to adopt for anyone, but when you're a horny young man, full of hormones and testosterone, it's fucking impossible! As Chase Anderson and Oscar Hart discover when they find themselves alone together in a seminary bedroom. Fact is that neither Hart or his fairer-headed companion can resist the temptation to take the opportunity to explore each other's bodies, and before you know it the two are taking turns to feast on cock like a pair of ravenous jackals! All those holy vows are clean forgotten in one fell swoop – though we've a suspicion that you dirty-minded fuckers won't be putting out too many complaints to their bishop! Indeed, these two cuties make quite a terrific coupling as they engage in some blistering 69-ing; before all those natural urges coursing through their veins finally leads them to engage in wild, bareback fornication, with the dark-headed Hart taking every solid inch of raw dick that Anderson can muster. It's a sight that's gonna have you jerking away with typical gusto, though the added religious kink makes this an even hotter escapade than might otherwise have been the case. Certainly both these boys appear to really engage in the sordid opportunity, with Hart's ass-hole taking an energetic pounding. It's no damn wonder that both lads are soon at the point of no return – first Anderson delivering his pent-up wad, then Hart delivering a gooey, multi-shot eruption of a characteristically first class calibre.
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