Camping in the woods results in a rim, engulf and fuck-fest for those 2 filthy country lads! HD

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Description: Bonding sessions come in a variety of forms, but is there anything that brings two mates closer than an impromptu trip to the countryside and the opportunity to hone your skills at putting up a tent together? Unfortunately for David Hanson and Gold Star, this is one particular erection that seems destined to fail right from the off! Still, why waste time trying to fathom out how to master the etiquette of camping when you can concentrate on more important matters? Things like sucking your pal's hard cock whilst supping a can of cheap lager or giving his ass the kind of pounding that it surely always deserved! Certainly that's the way events transpire here, as the two horny, over-sexed pups quickly abandon their love of canvas in favour of an almost unsightly lust for dick! Still, with the kind of equipment that blond beauty, Gold Star, has stuffed in his pants is it really any wonder that young Hanson is literally salivating at the prospect of getting a healthy mouthful of meat? Having savoured every inch of his buddy's love-pole, however, Hanson is clearly in the market to sample the boy's ass; and almost before GoldStar has chance to take breath he finds himself parting his butt-cheeks in order to accommodate first Hanson's almost over-eager tongue and finally the lad's badly swollen knob! It all marks the start of a truly superb open-air coupling, which culminates in Hanson white-washing Gold Star's face and the young blond lad knocking out a terrific wad of his own in response!
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