Father Salvatore commits sins of the flesh with brother Adrian! HD

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Description: As a man of the cloth and a representative of God, you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that Salvatore Salvi would be a stalwart when it came to advocating celibacy and self-restraint. But as Adrian Smallwood discovers, that’s not quite how the hunky Father sees his role in this religious community. In fact, Salvi is quite an ardent advocate of sexual expression, as promptly becomes apparent when confronted by Smallwood, whose reputation for sodomy clearly precedes him. Theologically speaking, we’re not exactly sure that Salvi’s admonishment that sucking cock is the equivalent of taking communion, but who could possibly hope to resist the hunk’s wanton charms? Indeed, if Father Salvi insists that God loves a cheerful fucker then who the hell are we to contradict him? Suffice it to say that the fellow’s instructions are quickly adopted by his young charge, who’s soon down on his knees sucking the life out of Salvi’s handsome dick and rimming the older fellow’s ass. But the mentor’s character is such that he’ll never be satisfied until he’s got Smallwood’s knob embedded in his hole; and as such the sense of relief on the chap’s face seems almost palpable when at last his underling obeys his religious instruction and finally ploughs hard, rampant dick straight into his greedy little pucker. The resultant fuck is without doubt a real joy to behold; and it’s no real surprise that it doesn’t take long before Salvi is spewing a fine wad whilst Smallwood pounds from beneath. By the time young Smallwood proves his own spunky worth, you’ll be well and truly spent!
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