2 lewd railway-navvies - Benjamin Dunn & Sam Williams

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Description: Everyone loves a dirty man – and they don’t come any dirtier than the guys who work on the railways. As ably demonstrated here by Sam Williams and Benjamin Dunn, two very sexy guys (as we surely all already know), who can’t wait to strip out of their standard-issue dungarees so that they can explore the fine expanse of smooth, hairless flesh that lies beneath. Indeed, it’s hard to decide which of these fabulous studs is the hornier of the two, as they both take it in turns to feast and slurp on the handsome rods that are very quickly exposed. First Williams sucks Dunn, then Dunn sucks Williams; then the two buddies take full advantage of one of the engine-room’s work-pits to repeat the exercise once again. Indeed, it’s difficult to decide from watching this pair of hyper-sexed workers as to who will eventually succumb to the ultimate temptation and play out the role of cock-crazed bottom. In the end, however, that particular honour goes to Williams; whilst Dunn hammers home full advantage courtesy of a whole range of ass-splitting positions. It’s enough to send even the most self-restrained of porn fans (if there’s such a person!) into a dick-tugging frenzy; and by the time Dunn creams the contents of his comparatively hair-free balls over his mate’s expectant lips there’s every possibility that a whole tsunami of hot jizz will have been spilled in appreciation. No question about it, folks, you are never gonna look at the guys who work on the railways the same again!
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