Flip-flopping, ball batter-inducing joy - Oscar Hart & Ryan Olsen

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Description: Some boys like to indulge in a bit of class when it comes to meeting up for sex, but clearly neither Oscar Hart or Ryan Olsen are in that category of guy. For having met up one evening at a station in Prague, the two fellows head straight for some nearby urinals – and let’s be honest here, they’re not desperate for a piss! In fact, the only urge these two scallies have is the urge for cock – and hard cock at that! Fortunately for them both, these two beauties are more than equipped to satisfy the desires of the other; and before you know it Hart is descending to his knees, unzipping Olsen’s dungarees and feasting on the thick, meaty shaft that is already pounding away inside! A move that’s soon being eagerly replicated by Olsen himself; before Hart proceeds to give his buddy’s ass the kind of rigorous rimming that we’d surely all like our mates to provide! Especially – as in this case – it results in getting a fabulous length of raw cock being thrust inside your guts. Mind, if there’s something that young Hart enjoys almost as much as banging a horny, lubed-up ass-hole, it’s getting his own horny, lubed-up ass-hole banged in return – a point that he’s only too willing to demonstrate here. One minute he’s balls-deep in Olsen’s pucker; the next he’s riding Olsen’s shaft balls-deep in return! And with all this flip-flopping fuckery, it’s little surprise that both lads are soon brimming at the point of ecstasy – each spewing a fabulous wad of creamy, pent-up nad-juice as a first-class finale to their antics. Train-spotting has never looked quite so much cum-inducing fun!
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