Pool Guy Receives His Gaping Booty Pumped Hard & His Face Creamed! HD

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Description: Titus Snow’s latest travail takes the handsome South African to a rather plush indoor pool in downtown Prague, where he encounters the lean, leggy delights of Benjamin Dunn in the changing rooms. Not that anything implicitly sexual takes place between the pair at that point; but having taken a swim, and finding Dunn lazing away on a lounger in an adjoining room, the young man decides to chance his arm by jumping into a nearby shower and providing a provocative display of all his assets. It’s a show that surely not even a blind eunuch could ignore; and, needless to say, Dunn is soon in total raptures at the spectacle, beckoning the boy forward and immediately inviting him to have a heavy, open-mouthed slurp on his oversized dick. It’ll come as little surprise to anyone, of course, that Snow doesn’t turn his back on such an envious opportunity, eagerly feasting away on every generous inch that his new-found buddy has to offer. By this point it’s pretty obvious that the young lad is soon going to be skewered by the said phallus; but first the two guys engage in a short session of 69-ing that really sets the mood nicely for the hard-hitting fuck to come. And boy does the lucky lad get it when the moment arrives – riding Dunn’s shaft like a bitch on overdrive, reverse cowboy style, then taking it from behind for all he’s worth. It really is little wonder that he’s soon erupting like a fucking volcano all over his belly; before Dunn concludes proceedings with a truly breathtaking volley of spunk across Snow’s mouth, chin and neck that leaves the guy dripping of goo!
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