Black coach helps sweet handsome guy to open his best dancing talents and empty shaved tensed balls after training

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Description: All great artists have one thing in common, namely their commitment to their chosen art. So it's no great wonder that wannabe dancing prima-donna, Johny Cruz, arrives in Prague with steely determination in readiness for his forthcoming interview at the ballet abode. Unfortunately for him, however, that guy's accompanied by a sex-crazed boyfriend in the shape of Tyler Johnson, a muscle-tied darksome Frenchman who takes each opportunity to lure Cruz from his exercises. Of course, it would take a fella of inordinate decide to resist a sex-god of Johnson's magnitude, and previous to u know it Cruz has pirouetted to the ottoman and is having his lascivious little pucker rimmed in readiness for the hard pounding to come. Prior to that point, however, the youthful white lad pays homage to his boyfriend's upturned weenie, unfathomable-throating the fabulous trouser-snake; in advance of lastly allowing the raw monster to fuck his pert a-hole in nice-looking much each position imaginable. It is, out of doubt, a superb performance from one as well as the other guys, which concludes with a veritable flood of spunk from the one and the other parties followed by a sensuous cum-laden kiss that'll blow u away!
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