The Lake Abode: Clip 2

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Description: All the guys have arrived and they’re settling into the lake house. All except Devin Holt, who’s a bit of an introvert. The group notices the shy guy and do they’re best to bring the sexy brunette out of his shell. And, nothing helps a shy guy out like five, half naked dudes playing chicken in a swimming hole! Crushes are already forming, and the flirt game is real. Jace Myers and Jacob Hansen heat up the swimming hole with a cock stiffening connection that brings the boys to a private bedroom to explore this vaca crush DEEP. The bedroom boils over with severe sexual tension, as the guys kiss and shed their shirts. Hansen pushes his hottie down on the bed, and drops to his knees. He pulls Jace’s shorts down like a man on a mission. Then, he opens his mouth to accept Myers mammoth, meaty member. Knowing he’s done well, Hansen straddles Jace’s face to receive his reward. Jace envelopes the juicy jock while Hansen helps him out with a hand at the back of his head, heaving hog down that thirsty throat for an epic face fuck. Straddling Myers’ mug, all Hansen has to do is ease that beautiful butt back a bit, jump on Jace’s giant jock, and take that rig for a raw ride. After a butt bangin’ bounce session, Myers decides to even things up a bit. He gets on all fours and accepts every inch Hansen has to offer deep into his hole. Hottie Hansen hits so hard, Jace crumbles into the mattress, giving face down ass up. However, Jacob wants to nut with Myers’ meat stuffed in his butt; so, the twink’s turn the tables once more, and Hansen gets hammered out on his back, while jacking his junk. Myers pounds the pretty boy till he busts, blasting nut all the way to his nipples. Ready to join him, Jace hears Jacob say “on my face,” and that’s all he needs to loose his load! He plants himself right next to the naughty boy’s beautiful face and fires, catapulting creamy cum high into the air. The tasty treat splatters all over Hansen’s cum whore face, getting in his hair, his eyes, and his mouth when he milks out every last drop from Jace’s jock.
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