Taking Blake

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Description: The scene opens with a bang as these two beauties bring the heat from the jump! Kissing like hungry, hung cannibal hotties, Blake Mitchell and Luke Allen are on fire and ready for some dick. The two go after each other's hung hogs with that same hunger. It's a cock stretcher watching Blake deep throat Luke's long & lovely. With big gulps and healthy slurps, the titanium top tackles the task like the master that he his. You can tell by the smile on his face that even Luke is impressed! Ready to show his talents, Luke gets to work on Mitchell's monster; looking directly at him as instructed. Blake can't take it any longer and whirls Allen around like a tiny toy, burying his face in the boys smooth ass. Blake fucks the kids hole with his tongue, then his fingers. Saving the best for last, he spits on his hand giving it nature's lube and shoves his dick inside. Luke braces himself for the epic banging by locking his elbows in a dynamic doggie. Blake bangs the boy's honey of a hole with super long strokes, giving us a nice view of all the goods going inside. Next Allen pounces on top, riding the ram with his own boy bouncing and slapping Blake's belly. Blake spreads the cheeks, then sticks a finger in for good measure and extra pleasure. When Blake flips his play thing over we see the beauty smiling from ear to ear. Mr. Top thrusts his entire length in, leaving it till Allen winces with pleasure. Mitchell then asks how Luke how he likes to cum, Luke's response, "with you'r cock in me." #naturally Just then the kids cock goes off like a summer time sprinkler. Blake whips it out and glazes his bottom's ass like a holiday ham. Making the most of his efforts, Mitchell works his wad all over with his strong hands as Allan stays spread open. This is the definition of an epic fuck.
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