After the Arcade

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Description: After an gripping day at the arcade on the Vegas undress, and a romantic rickshaw ride. Silas Brooks, and Kai Taylor are unable to keep their hands off one one more, giving a kiss, and hugging in public, not caring who sees. Needless to say, their fire for every other is burning bright by the time they reach the abode, and the deed goes DOWN! The smooch session proceeds, this time with a disrobe down which brings Brooks to his knees, worshipping Kai’s huge knob like it’s his raw, sexual religion. Silas suggests Taylor a smack of thick ramrod as well, and Kai goes ham, heaving down the strong brute of a bone with gagging gusto. Silas then smacks his slab on Taylor’s tongue, and suggests him a ride. His nice-looking, brown bubble looks delightful swallowing Silas’ creamy weenie; and, THIS lad knows how to ride! This Chab bucks like a bronco, banging that booty up and down, whilst Brooks helps out, holding him by the mouth, and haunches, and hammering him on that hog even harder. After, Kai receives cocked avid nice in doggie, as Silas smashes that seat like a super hero. Brooks isn’t about to let Kai go out of getting plunged by his biggest meat! Taylor stands, aims, and weenies the lad DOWN, wrecking that astounding wazoo like a machine, with lengthy, thick dicked strokes! Brooks can’t hold back, and this guy blow, covering his peaches, and semen torso with teen toss. Taylor keeps tending to that taut tunnel untill he’s admirable and willing, then this chab erupts all over Brooks’ freshly group-fucked arse gap. Then, this chab presses his meaty brown bone back in, and finishes this fuck they way they started, with a fire sexy kiss.
Channel: Helix